Body Treatments

Lava Shell Deep Back Massage - 45 mins - £47 Lava Shell Deep Back Massage - 45 mins - £47
Lava shell massage is a self-heating massage tool giving the benefits of a hot stone massage yet with a consistently warmer heat throughout the treatment. This allows the therapist to perform a heated massage without losing touch time, leading to a much more effective and valuable massage. and a deeper pressure due to the shape of the shells.

Full Body Lava Shells - 60mins £67 Full Body Lava Shells - 60mins £67
Reflexology - 45mins - £38 Reflexology - 45mins - £38
This treatment includes both massage and pressure points on the feet. It creates balance and harmony in the body system.
Thermal Body Therapy - 2 hrs - £118 Thermal Body Therapy - 2 hrs - £118
benefiting ingredients, draws out impurities from the body while stimulate circulation, smoothes the skin, relieves aching muscle tissue and works to rebalance the body. Includes body cleanse, exfoliation, body Mud wrap, lava shell Back ,neck and shoulder massage, and then finishes off with a hydration body moisturiser.
Exfoliating Body Treatment - 45mins - £36 Exfoliating Body Treatment - 45mins - £36
Using either our mineral salt scrub or gentle rice bran and oatmeal powder, your skin will be polished to a smooth finish. Dead skin cells are removed and your skin will look brighter and hydrated.
Mud wrap Therapy - 1 hour- £42 Mud wrap Therapy - 1 hour- £42
Using either our power recovery or sea mud therapy, circulation is stimulated to promote healthier skin, Includes a 15 minute head and scalp Massage by customised essential oils provide aroma-therapeutic and antioxidants. This Treatment is highly recommended  after an exfoliating body treatment. 
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